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St. Petersburg, Russia

Welcome to the noble, mysterious and enchanting Imperial city of St. Petersburg, Russia.  Almost three centuries has passed since Peter the Great began building his "Window to Europe" on the Gulf of Finland. isaaki.jpg (19515 bytes)The unique beauty of St. Petersburg combines the Venetian style embankments and canals with opulent palaces, churches and museums.  You will be amazed by the beauty at every turn and your spirit will be moved by the magnificence, the boldness and the poetry of the Russian soul.

Peterhof.jpg (68746 bytes)Peterhof Palace, Peter the Great's summer palace is a baroque spectacle of fountains and gardens lying on the shores of the Gulf of Finland.  Built in 1714, Peterhof is a magnificent landmark of Russian artistic culture.

Home to one of the world's greatest and largest art collections, hermitage.jpg (19342 bytes) the Hermitage offers a vast collection of Russian, Asian and Western European art housed in five magnificent buildings.  Until the 19th century, the Hermitage was the residence of Russian Emperors closed off to only a few select visitors.

catherine.jpg (28118 bytes) Located in the suburb of Pushkin, the winter palace of Catherine the Great has an ornate blue facade crowned with golden onion domes.  The dazzling rooms and fantastic artwork is a monument to the opulence of the Russian ruling class.

Multiple churches in and around St. Petersburg represent the varying styles and periods of Russian history.  From the richly ornate Church of the Savior on the Spilled Blood to the baroque style of the blue and white Smolny Cathedral. 

saviouronblood.jpg (19267 bytes)  smolnichurch.jpg (20797 bytes)


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